​Formulating Wellness

Excellence through Compounding in Cairns City

Why Choose Us?


We treat each of our customers as if they were a loved one or close family member.

Botanical Chemist is equipped with sophisticated compounding equipment in Cairns city, including pharmaceutical grade, Medisca approved utensils and ingredients.

Botanical Chemist adheres to USP approved Standard Operating Procedures for every aspect of compounding from washing glassware, clothing, to raw ingredient monitoring and checking procedures.

A Certificate of Analysis is kept on file for every raw ingredient currently used in Botanical Chemist prescriptions, which proves the purity of each raw ingredient we use. We are investing heavily into HPLC and spectrometry machinery that will allow us to double check and test all active ingredients we receive from our suppliers to prove their identity and purity and for your added safety.

Preparation rooms undergo routine cleaning and sterilisation procedures to maintain our clean compounding areas and workspaces.

We have our end products (ointments, creams, capsules) independently analysed periodically to ensure they contain the amount of active ingredient specified on the label. We produce some of the best quality compounded medicines in Cairns City.

We source only the purest of ingredients that meet stringent TGA standards to use in our products. 

Botanical Chemist produces our own cream base which is free of parabens, PABA, propylene glycol and other hidden nasties commonly found in many creams on the market today.

We use compounding specific software which allows us to track beyond use dates, batches and lot numbers which is required for recalls if needed.

We keep compounding records of everything produced in our laboratory which records the ingredients incorporated into each product and the precise weight of each ingredient used. Batch numbers and expiry dates are recorded for each ingredient for quality control and recall purposes.

Each order is checked several times from start to finish including the mathematics before being released for sale. This arduous process is necessary to minimise the chance of human error and ensure the quality of our products to the end user, you.