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21 Jan How to use a rapid antigen test and get the best results with Ecotest rapid antigen test - RAT - saliva pen
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How to use a rapid antigen test and get the best results with Ecotest rapid antigen test - RAT - saliva penFor best results, use your rapid antigen (RAT Test) testing pen when symptoms first appear. This is generally 3-5 days after exposure to COVID-19. If you were exposed and took a RAT test on the same day, it will likely form a negative result. ..
20 Nov 7 Ways To Treat and Prevent Travel Sickness in Australia
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7 Ways to Prevent Travel SicknessTravel sickness (also known as motion sickness) occurs when you feel unwell due to being in a moving vehicle, boat or plane. Commonly known as 'car sickness' or 'sea sickness', travel sickness it is a normal response and can generally be prevented.What is Travel Sickness?Travel sickness is thought to be caused by yo..
08 Nov How to choose the right Antacid for use in Australia
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                                                    How to choose the right Antacid for reflux and indigestionAntacids are a group of drugs that have been on the market for a long time in Australia and overseas. They are included in gastrointestinal drugs and used for symptomatic relief of dyspepsia, peptic u..
11 Jun Potential 'Fat Burning' Molecule Found
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'Fat burning' molecule has implications for treatment of obesitySummary: Scientists have recently identified a small mitochondrial uncoupler, named BAM15, that decreases the body fat mass of mice without affecting food intake and muscle mass or increasing body temperature. Obesity affects more than 40 percent of adults in th..
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